Preventing shipment delays

As logistics is determined by plenty of external factors, freight shipping especially by sea can become unreliable at times. However, there are several ways as a business practitioner in order to prevent or face shipment delays that can be unreliable at times.

Make sure your documentation are well prepared beforehand

Sometimes delays can be caused by discrepancies and inconsistencies in paperworks and documentations. Documents such as invoice and packing list are very important and must be synchronized with each other. Your freight forwarding agent will assist you in preparing all the necessary documents.

Plan your shipments months ahead of schedule

Although economical, sea freight can take a long time to arrive especially for long distance travels. You will need to plan accordingly to pack your goods as soon as possible so that your shipment can arrive ahead of schedule or at a predetermined period as accurately as possible. Also, seasonal holidays can also affect shipping schedules, so do keep in mind the holiday season and important dates in your destination or departure country.

Customs clearance process

Assure that your freight forwarding agent understood the customs clearance process in your destination country. Sometimes delays happens not during the sea freight’s transport process, but on the customs clearance process when the goods has arrived at port. Ensure that your shipping process abide to all customs compliance rules and regulations to make sure that your cargo can arrive safely at its destination.

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